Marcy Menard-Spiritual Direction Intern

Marcy is a long time member of Elm Street Congregational Church.  She was Baptized here and continues to serve God in various ministries.  Marcy is attending a two year program in Spiritual Direction out of West Hartford, Connecticut at the Spiritual Life Center.  She will then be a certified Spiritual Director.  Marcy is also a member in discernment in the Mass Conference United Church of Christ to become a commissioned Pastor in Spiritual Direction.

Marcy also has ministries in Evangelism and Outreach, teaches and preaches.  At her core, Marcy enjoys spreading the love of Christ to all people, and creating unity by finding commonalities with those of other faiths.

Marcy is offering Spiritual Direction to all walks of life, regardless of their faith traditions.

  • If you are interested in group or individual Spiritual Direction, please call our office at ( 508) -764-8058 to make an appointment.

Greetings Elm Street! The summer is now gone and the harvest begins. The leaves are turning to beautiful colors as they fall from the trees. Winter will soon be here, and with it, hopefully, some rest and time to be contemplative. I have completed my first year of studies at the Spiritual Life Center and am beginning my last year in the Spiritual Direction program. This year has been really busy so far. We are learning all about enhancing our individual ministries by using the “tools” of spiritual direction. What are those tools you ask? It requires providing safe spaces for open discussions, deep listening, and discernment to see where God is calling or leading us and those we minister too. Due to this, we are studying many types of belief systems and why many believe as they do. It has been enlightening to see the commonalities among the three major religions- Islam, Christian, and Judaism. Many Christians believe that we are worlds apart, when in all actuality the common thread is the same; to love God with all of your heart, and to serve and love your neighbors. As I study this, I know in my own heart that the tools of spiritual direction can only build bridges with our neighbors and to listen and speak to one another with a long loving look not at our differences, but at our common threads. I met with the Committee on Ministry in September and had a wonderfully blessed experience. I received a unanimous vote to move forward with my Commissioning. It has been a long, often challenging three years from when I first went before them, asking them to trust me in my call to God, and how I feel I am meant to serve you and within the United Church of Christ. Once I finish school, I will be meeting with them again next September and the next step will be to meet with my Ecclesiastical Council to begin to plan my Commissioning and of course do my commissioning paper! When I met with the C.O.M., it was great to see my call from God come to life. I have felt a strong pull and a noticing how many churches are struggling with discernment about our current state and trying to find where God is calling us through the hard times and difficult situations. After talking to several pastors, it has been a concern about having difficult conversations due to fear of retaliation, or of confrontation. Spiritual Direction will play a major role in my future ministry here and within several churches. I will be providing safe spaces, with open, loving conversations, to try to help with this type of discernment. I will also be providing pastors with education on how to do this. It is the thoughts of the C.O.M. that this type of ministry is needed and is happening at just the right time! Here at Elm Street, during our goal meeting, we talked about encouraging each individual to have a personal prayer life. I know that many people are busy, or it seems too hard. Prayer can feel “dry” or boring! This is common. During the course of the year, I will be holding workshops on different, easy, nontime consuming prayer practices. It is not as hard as you think! A prayer practice can be as simple as taking a walk outside, feeling one with the breeze, the autumn colors, and feeling God in all of it. I encourage people to attend some of these workshops. It will help with spiritual growth. I will give more information when the time comes. Again, I am so thankful to the people of Elm Street for your dedication and care. I truly love this church and its people. I am blessed to be a part of our time and ministries here at Elm Street. God Bless and stay warm! Marcy Menard Spiritual Direction Intern