Marcy Menard-Spiritual Direction Intern

Marcy is a long time member of Elm Street Congregational Church.  She was Baptized here and continues to serve God in various ministries.  Marcy is attending a two year program in Spiritual Direction out of West Hartford, Connecticut at the Spiritual Life Center.  She will then be a certified Spiritual Director.  Marcy is also a member in discernment in the Mass Conference United Church of Christ to become a commissioned Pastor in Spiritual Direction.

Marcy also has ministries in Evangelism and Outreach, teaches and preaches.  At her core, Marcy enjoys spreading the love of Christ to all people, and creating unity by finding commonalities with those of other faiths.

Marcy is offering Spiritual Direction to all walks of life, regardless of their faith traditions.

  • If you are interested in group or individual Spiritual Direction, please call our office at ( 508) -764-8058 to make an appointment.